Anne Urech was born in Switzerland in 1968.


She has a Film Directing degree from the ECAL (Lausanne Art School) and a degree in Journalism, both in Switzerland.


She worked more than a decade for the Swiss Television (TSR) as a film director.


Her specialties are live shows and documentaries. She mainly collaborated for the prime time magazine “Temps Présent” and several other programs. She made numerous films dealing with such various topics as politics, history, society and culture.


In 2004, she left Switzerland for Venezuela, South America. Inspired by such a cultural change, she started a new kind of artistic expression: cartoons. She had her first exhibition in Maracay (Venezuela) at the Fundación Red de Arte del Ministerio de la Cultura de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.


She has been living in Cleveland, Ohio since 2007, where she is freelancing, making drawings and cartoons for individuals and industries.


The artist’s world:


“I experiment with all different kinds of art expressions. Making cartoons is like making films, it is the same process of creation. Telling a story in a cartoon is like drawing a story board: one shot/one meaning.


In my drawings, I always try to make the stroke as simple as a child’s in order to express a straight understanding. Cartoons make things look not as serious as they are. You can make people laugh about serious themes. For me it is also important to get my child’s soul back.


As the French writer Jean de Lafontaine did in his fables, I very often choose dogs to illustrate my understanding of society because animals are always good at caricaturing human beings. This trick allows you to use the caricature more deeply to give a critical look at society.”